Monday, April 26, 2010

From March 1st until the Day When You Read This

On March 1, 2010, I broke my leg. I have now been recouperating for the past 6 weeks. I started a new blog where I have been focusing most of my blogging time. Come and check it out:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Solom Vow and Promise

It is amazing how as nurses we forget what it is like to be patients. Since I broke my leg 2 weeks ago, I have had to be that patient that I have often forgotten about. I have had some great care by some lovely doctors and nurses with amazing bed side manners, but it is that one lousy nurse (in my case an
xray technician) that just ruins all other decent experiences.
I wonder if I have ever been that "one lousy nurse" who has ruined the day of one of my patients?

When I do return to nursing (after 3 months of being in this cast) I will have to create reminders of my time as a patient. Perhaps little sticky notes in my locker will do the trick. When I arrive at work, I will open my locker and out will pop a sticky note reminding me of the good experiences I have had with the health care system personnel and the negative experiences I have had. One problem I face is how do I remember these sticky note promises when I'm face to face with a negative, sometimes snarling patient who is deluded and cranky? Perhaps I will post sticky notes on every wall and ceiling in the unit!!

I will aim to be the best I can be regardless of the patients' attitude, verbal abuse, or even nasty sarcasm.
I will aim to be the best at interpersonal care as I am at mechanical care (i.e. dressing a wound).
I will treat all patients, no matter how bitter and ugly they are towards me, with respect, honour and dignity.

Perhaps in a way, I need to just simply have a picture of Florence Nightingale in my locker-larger than life and always around my neck. She was the vision of patience.

This is my solom vow and promise.

Picture above: The Florence Nightingale Bra from (The above picture: The Florence Nightingale Bra: